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Reasons for delay in getting marriage

Reasons for delay in getting marriage
The following facts are the main reason for causing delay in getting marriage.

1.            The Kudumbasthanam (i.e. second house from Lagnam) is having a       
          demilishing plannet.

2.      The Kalathrasthanathpathi (7th house owner)  is in neecha position

3.      If the 7th house is being occupied by Neecha or Vakra planet

4.      If the Kalathrakarakan is in 3rd, 6th and 8th house and got the aspect of Malefic  planets (For male,  Sukran [Venus] is the Kalathrakaran and for Girl,  Guru [Jupiter] is the kalathrakaran)

5.      If the 7th house or its owner  either gets aspect or association with Sani.

6.      If either the girl or boy born in the following stars Poosam (Pushyam), Anusham (Anuradha), Uthirattathi (Uthira prostabhatha) and in their horoscope the Sani (Saturn) is stands in the stars pf Rohini, Hastham, and Thiruvonam (sravana)  then there will be delay in marriage for the horoscopien.

7.      If the Sukran (Venus) become powerless either in the second or 7th house.

8.      If the 7th house owner got association with Raghu.

9.      If the Sukran become Neecham (demolishing position) and also got the aspect of Sani (Saturn) or Chevvai (Mars)

10.    If the 7th house is being occupied by Sani (Saturn) and Chevvai (Mars) , while the Chandran (Moon) and Sukran (Venus) become powerless

11.    If the Raghu (Northern Node) or Kethu (Southern Node) is placed in either in Lagnam or in 7th house and got association in any way with Sukran (Venus)

12.    if the 7th house owner got associated with Suriyan (Sun) thus become Asthamanam  there will be delay in marriage
13.    If the 7th house owner is surrounded ny any Malefic planet  both in 6th and 8th houses(i.e. Papa karthari yogam happens)

14.    If the horoscopien has born in Mesha  Lagnam (Aries Lagnam) and the Sukran (Venus) got Aswini star

15.    The 7th house owner is placed in 12th house from  the Lagnam in Amsam.

16.    If the Guru (Jupier) and the Chandran (Moon) is placed in 6, 8 and 12 house and where they become Neecham

17.    If the Guru (Jupiter) and Suriyan (Sun) got associated in Lagnam and 7th house.

18.    Either Guru (Jupiter), Sukran (Venus) or Suriyan (Sun) is placed in Lagnam and the Sani (Saturn) is positioned 12th house

These are the main reasons for delay in marriage. Just because of these setup one need be panic and proper remedy/ Navagraha preedhi will solve the problem.

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